Let me show you a few photos from the days we recorded all the instrumental parts with Nacho G. Hermoso, Àgata Palència, Marc Sospedra and Carlos Dueñas at ArcticWave Studio.

This was back in September 2020, right after a long-awaited summer. I had spent July and August getting the materials ready to make my first album, mainly focusing on the music side of things. Throughout 2020, Àgata and I had been making the final touches of a selected number of songs that would make it to the album tracklist. We pre-produced and arranged them to what I thought they should sound like until they had their own unique character.

Once that was all finished, which wasn’t quick due to my eagerness for perfection, the next step was to find a recording studio. I contacted a studio I had been following called ArcticWave Studio and talked to Carlos Dueñas, its studio engineer. I still remember that day perfectly, walking around the garden trying to get better phone coverage and explaining to him what I had in mind for this debut album.

After a quick chat, I booked the studio for a couple of weeks thinking that by December everything would have been done and that my album would be released by 2021. Little did I know that releasing an album would involve so many different aspects that I hadn’t even thought about. I guess all this was part of the full experience.

So here you can see a few pictures of the making of the album in the studio. I remember starting with the drums and working all the way up with the bass lines, guitars, keyboards, piano, etc. until we had all the basics recorded.